August 14, 2015

Cafe Caudal ~ Spot on Desserts

 Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee taken with heavenly tasting desserts in the company of good old (but still sexy and pretty) friends.
Our latest coffee shop discovery is Cafe' Caudal in Taytay Rizal.
It is owned by Karen Louise Caudal, a nurse turned coffee shop proprietress, whose passion for baking is evident in her delectable ~ cakes, cupcakes and dessert creations.
Cafe' Caudal is a beautifully decorated-modish cafe'. It is hard not to notice the details that went to decorating this shop.
The place can seat 20-25 pax comfortably.  And could easily house small events and gatherings. 
Coffee selection is blackboard long (with the average coffee price of P70 per cup). There were so many to choose from.  However, I like mine plain and simple, so I opted for a CafĂ© Americano, while a friend ordered Latte.
Cream~creamy Latte!
 Oh so many decisions. It was so hard to choose, so we went for the owner's recommendation and ordered Tres Leche's cake.
The other cakes look as tempting.
Tres Leches (P800/whole, P100/slice) was a perfect choice. It was moist and creamy, sweetened just right.  No wonder it is a best seller.
We also ordered Red Velvet Orea Cupcake and a Blueberry Cupcake. Both were equally luscious.
Red Velvet Oreo Cupcake (P70)
Blueberry Cupcake (P70)
I love Cafe' Caudal's cupcakes so much ~ I had to buy to go, for my husband and kids as "pasalubong".
 Cafe' Caudal also serves sandwiches, pasta and rice meal. We were unable to try them, since we just had dinner.  Worth a try, the next time I am back.
Cafe' Caudal is located at C. Gonzaga Bldg.
(the building owned by the family of celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga),
Brgy. San Juan Taytay Rizal
It is open daily 9am-12mn.
For reservations and inquiries you may
follow Cafe' Caudal in facebook  ~ CAFE CAUDAL or contact Ms. Karen at 881-0918


  1. Nice review. You should try Cafe Caudal's refreshing cold beverages. And if you like veggies, you might as well try one of their salads too when you come back. I agree with you on the Tres Leches. It was good. :)

    Here's my own review of the cafe (with piccies, of course):

    Thanks! :)

  2. Looks like a cute, little coffee shop!(: But it's so far from my place.

  3. ooh looks interesting! will pass by when im in the area

  4. Why does this place have to be so far?! :(

  5. The pastries look inviting and yummy. Kaso ang layo ko :(( I hope I could try it out soon :)

  6. Oh, I love tres leches, I want to try their version of it. Hmm, I think I need to visit someone in Taytay, haha.

  7. Yum!! Now I want some dessert - - only I can't because I'm too fat hahaha

  8. The cakes and cupcakes look yummy, and they are quite affordable, too. I hope they will have a branch near us so that we can try out their dessert offerings.

  9. It's really good to find a cozy place near our homes. When we need a short break from the craziness of our mommy life, we know where we can destress and recharge. I hope I can find more me-time places in our neighborhood.


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