April 9, 2015

Lubog ka ba sa utang? Don't worry there is still hope!

The answer to your worries is simple.

The first step towards becoming truly rich is KNOWLEDGE and an UNDERSTANDING of MONEY and HOW IT WORKS.


Chinkee Tan a well-known Wealth and Life Coach and an influential person and speaker in the field of personal finance, in his desire to help many in need brings to us, all of his life's knowledge in financial education through the:

CHINK+ Do-It-Yourself MONEY KIT.

It is a simple, applicable and attainable tool to help you learn how to SAVE, BUDGET, INVEST and STAY DEBT FREE. 

This kit will give a step-by-step instruction to keep track of your finances.

Everything you need to know about MONEY is creatively and intentionally combined in this kit.

THE MONEY KIT contains:
  1. Chink+ Accordion Folder
  2. Chink+ Expenditures Envelopes
  3. Chink+ Savings Envelopes
  4. Chink+ Positive Buying Envelopes
  5. Chink+ Investment Envelopes
  6. Chink+ DEBT Repayment Plan Worksheets
  7. Chink+ Financial Obligations Worksheets
  8. Chink+ Pen
  9. Chinkee Tan's Certified Best Seller book "Debt Do Us Part"
  10. Budget Software

Order your Money Kit now and get the following books for FREE (Yes LIBRE!!!).

AND THERE IS MORE, with every confirmed order of this amazing Money Kit, you also get a special Chink+ t-shirt FREE.

This Money Kit will help you get out of debt and start saving for your family.

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