October 15, 2014

Are you a Boardgames Enthusiast?

Before Xbox, Wii and Playstation, boardgames used to fill and rule our family weekends.  I treasure boardgame moments, shared with my siblings.  We love Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess and Cluedo.  It was always fun to score better than Ate and Kuya and get a weeks bragging rights for winning!

Some of the sample games among the multitude of boardgames GL sells.   

At the Gaming Library, you can relive those memories with your own family.  The Gaming Library sells hard to find; latest and novelty boardsgames online.     

The Gaming Library is an online store, that supports Open Gaming Meet, where everyone can have a fun day of board gaming. They teach you new games and provide demo copies, so you don't need to pay for anything. You get to try out their products, before purchasing!
Please visit their online shop and check for yourself <<< THE GAMING LIBRARY and Let the games begin!!!


  1. The Game of Thrones board game is so interesting, can't wait to show it to my husband.

    I didn't get to sign up for this booth because I have little kids pa, when I checked the booth, parang the games were for older kids and adults.

  2. They have boardgames for everyone and the boardgames are really affordable. What I like most about boardgames is that they can teach kids skills while having fun.


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