June 22, 2014

Our PMA Fieldtrip

My boys have always been fascinated with men in uniform, with my youngest wanting to be a soldier.  What better way to fuel their dreams but by bringing them to the primary military institution in the country.
So in our last Baguio vacation, we found ourselves on a field trip with the kiddos to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).
PMA grounds has been kept pristine clean and refreshing.
Picture perfect playground with the most relaxing of atmosphere.
One of the highlights of our PMA trip are the model tanks and helicopters.

I was a bit saddened my boys did not get to see marching cadets. Although we did manage to take glimpses of cadets walking in unison - good enough, hopefully next time we will strike lucky. 
(a) Drop by the souvenir shops and buy PMA shirts and PMA trinkets for cool "pasalubong".
(b) Visit the PMA webpage and read its history to get better appreciation of your trip.
(c) Head off and check the PMA Museum, it may be small, but still worth the visit. 
(d) PMA is very strict on traffic rules.   Remember to cross the street using the  pedestrian lane and maintain car speed while driving.
(e) Don't wear slippers as these are not permitted inside the academy.

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