April 21, 2014

BDJ Box - PIXY truly Asian beauty edition (April 2014)

 I was so inspired with my Glamour Box (GB), I just had to see and try if BDJ will be as good...
BDJ's box may pale in comparison to GB's elegant, white, hard case box, but as soon as I open the box, I was overwhelmed to see the content. 
True from other bloggers' review BDJ is truly generous.
This is way-way more than I was expecting (real huge GRIN).  


I received a complete make-up set of nine (9) full size items from PIXY

Pixy is an Indonesian-based cosmetic line using Japanese technology and ingredients.  It is Asian, so I was partly assured I am using cosmetics meant for Asian skin.

  • Three (3) types of face powder:
    • UV Whitening (Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact) - 12.2g cost P275
    • UV Whitening (Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill) - 12g cost P145
    • Ultimate Makeup Cake - 12.5g cost P445

  • Colors of Delight Blush On - 3.5g cost P285

  • Three (3) types of lipstick
    • Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Semi-Matte - 3.8g cost P265
    • Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Lasting Matte - 3.8g cost P325
    • Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Satin - 3.8g cost P245

  • Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil - 1.14g cost P265

  • Colors of Delight Waterproof Mascara - 7ml cost P260

Total loot price is over P2500 versus actual box cost of P580.  No wonder BDJ Boxes are so in demand and almost always sold out.

So far I have only tried using the (1) Silky Fit Satin lipstick and (2) blush on.  Pixy is comparable to other Asian brands we have around.  I have sensitive skin and I never had any allergic reaction to these Pixy products I have tried so far. 

I will definitely use the Ultimate makeup, mascara and eyeliner; Soon as I finish the ones I am currently using. 

As for the other items in the box, I was  feeling generous (like BDJ and PIXY) so I gave my sister and mom each the extra UV Whitening two-way-cake and lipstick.  Both were thrilled as expected (GIRLS!). 

So is it BDJ of GB for me?  I think I will have BOTH!!!

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