August 3, 2013

BSA Twin Tower Pools

I was quite impressed to know that for a small condo-hotel, BSA Twin Towers in Ortigas has two (2) pools. 
My boys love the water and swimming is a must whenever there is a pool around!
BSA has a lap pool and a lagoon (sort of) inspired pool. 
There was also a jacuzzi, but it was close when we went there, hence can't say much about it.
the pools were clean and pretty decent, but the water was chilling... that however, will not stop my boys from swimming!

My boys fooling around as usual!

The pools were small but it was okay, we were the only one there...
We were having such fun, when my husband cut himself on one of the pool's broken tiles.  He ran a deep cut on the sole of his foot, so we hurried the kiddos out of the water (my poor paps... ). I don't want them to hurt themselves, those broken tiles are dangerous).

Post script: We reported the broken tiles to one of maintenance staff before leaving and I do hope the hotel fixed it soon before somebody else gets hurt.   

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