July 27, 2013

Boracay - Last Summer 2013 Hooray!!!

I am ashamed to admit that I have not set foot in Boracay - I simply shun away from Boracay small talks. So when the chance finally came ~  I never thought twice and booked my family airplane tickets to this esteemed piece of paradise.

Day 1 (Friday)
  • 1pm - Arrived at Kalibo Airport - We took Zest Air (Our first time and our LAST ~ bad-bad-bad experience. A 7am flight turned into an 11am flight, with no reason!  The kids were already irritable and tired by the time we boarded.) from Manila via Kalibo.
  • 4pm - Arrived at Caticlan (We have pre-arranged our transfers from Kalibo to Caticlan through the hotel.  I found out after that it is cheaper, if you arrange transfers on your own, however, this could be troublesome especially if you have kids travelling along, so we opted for the hassle free transfers)
  • 4pm - So tired and hungry, we finally reached our destination. Our home in Boracay "Boracay Beach Club (BBC), Station 1". The owner was there to greet us. She was so nice and felt sorry for our uneventful journey.  She offered us cold towels and complimentary merienda.  It was really nice of her.
  • 5pm - White Beach walk 
  • 6pm - Dinner at Red Coconut, Station 2  
  • 7pm - D' Mall for some pasalubong window shopping (prices here is quite touristy, suggest you go to the D' Talipapa for better bargains). While there, we munched on real yummy crepes from Crazy Crepes.   
  • 8pm - Budget Mart to get some supplies (mineral water, etc. for the kids)  
  • 9pm - Back to base (big day tomorrow) 
Day 2 (Saturday)
  • 630am - Breakfast at Ariel's Pub (Breakfast was hefty and very filling)
  • 7am - White Beach walk ritual (We enjoyed the morning walks better.  People are mostly still asleep from the previous night's partying. The crowd tends to come in, mid-day to late afternoon and the beach stretch almost impossible to navigate night time).
  • 9am - Island Hopping (Went to Giligiligan Beach and Puka Beach - we enjoyed Giligiligan more as it was secluded and simply serene!)
  • 11am - Back to base to freshen up
  • 12nn - Jonah's Fruitshake (I had to try and taste for myself)
  • 1230pm - Aqua Fresh Paluto - D' Talipapa for lunch (There goes my diet...)
  • 2pm -  More shopping at D' Talipapa (it is a whole lot cheaper to buy your pasalubong here - nice buys include: shell paper weights, Boracay shirts and beach dresses)
  • 3pm - Buggy trek to Mt. Luho (This was a real thrill for my boys.  I was, however, a little disappointed to see piles of trash dumped on the side of the trail). 
  • 5pm - Back to base to freshen up
  • 7pm - Dinner at Aria Cucina at D' Mall
  • 8pm - Walk back to BBC via White Beach
  • 9pm - Coffee at the BBC Restaurant (We were meaning to go to Real Coffee to try the much raved "calamansi muffin", but it was already closed when we got there - so sad...)
  • 10pm - Off to dreamland (Zzzzzzzz...)
Day 3 (Sunday)
  • 7am - Breakfast at Ariel's Pub (again...)
  • 830am - Willy's Rock
  • 10am - Back to hotel (ready our baggage for a 4pm flight)
  • 11am - Lunch at BBC Restaurant
  • 12nn - Off to Kalibo
  • 4pm - An unbelievable on time flight via Zest out of Kalibo back to Manila

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  1. Looks like you really had fun on your first time in Boracay. You must be busy on your 3 day visit. First time in Boracay will always be the best, and the most memorable. For sure you will want to go back there. :)


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