November 24, 2012

Army Navy at Valero St. Makati

I finally gave in to my husband's prodding and had lunch at the Army Navy along Valero Street, Makati City

I am not a big burger fan, so I ended up ordering their fearless chicken.  My husband, meanwhile had Army Navy's double burger - a two quarter pounder beef patties burger with cheese and egg add ons and extra order of freedom fries.  Just writing about it, makes me feel full already.

Although we came early and there were no one in queue when we got there, it took a long time for them to deliver my order, my husband was half-finished with his BIG BURGER, when my order came.

The fearless chicken,  was just okay.  I was expecting something better.

It maybe unfair to pass judgement on service and food quality, since this is our first time at Army Navy.  But I would have to be honest that I was not at all impressed with the service nor the food I ordered  (maybe if I ordered burger my review would have been better). 

Place was also noisy and the crew calling orders (her voice not at all appealing - ala Matutina voice) via a microphone made the experience worse.  It made me feel like I was eating in a food court.
Would l go back?  I don't think so...

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